So, it is cold. It is dropping to -10 tonight. Despite that fact, Kadee and I just came in from playing outside! She is tougher than I am. Or she will be. I am in trial this week. My client allegedly hit someone with a fish bonker. Bah. We are arguing self defense. I'll let you know how it goes. Self defense in Alaska is an interesting legal area. We have to meet the "some evidence" test before the judge will instruct on self defense. We'll see about it. My stress level is still elevated as I still have not rented our little house. That means between now and Christmas day (when I am paid again) we have $170. That's it. Hell I go through $100 a month just in milk. Crap. Thank God we have all the firewood and meat we need. A couple lights, a moose roast, a box of wine, the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Christmas will be great! I'm not just saying that because I'm broke. It really will be great. When I'm 70 I will read this blog and smile. Remember how I felt. Why is that the times that seem hardest at the time often form the best memories? Between now and then I have to go to Homer to try a felony DUI case but once that is done I should have a pretty easy holiday season. If I get down I'll just go outside with Kadee is still amazing to me how much I can love her. She is pure joy.


josh said…
checks in the mail bro, no really, it is!
I'll tell the kids they are having Christmas after all!
j said…
Xmas time is tough, i miss my family, as does B, specially with friends leaving!!
With the girls growing so quick and another year passing, its going to be fun times ahead.
Kadee loves talking to "nana" on the phone and I am hoping to take the kids for a visit to see my family next year.
The mail lady laughs when she sees me as the endless gifts from my family have been arriving steadily for christmas.
K was all gifted out last year, look like she may have the same problem this year !!
And for once i am organized gonna mail the gifts thats k has made to family this week.
Next wknd hopefully we will get a tree and while B is away we can decorate it and put some lights up for when he comes home.

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