So, I am still in trial. Tomorrow is day 7. We'll see. I must admit that I am sick of working nights and weekends. Leaves me little time for anything else. Like hanging out with AM, who leaves this week. This time in a week 2/3 of the men in this picture will be gone. Crap. I did manage to rent my house, which took an enormous amount of pressure off. Unfortunately, this month, the rental needed some things so most of the rent will go to that. This month will be tight, but it is back to normal next month. The weather here has sucked in the last few days. it melted and froze, melted and froze. Everything is now covered in a glaze of ice. Walking around is hazardous to your health. Driving is bad. Accidents and falls are common. It sucks. Those who have lived here a long time say it never used to be this way. But climate change is a big damn liberal conspiracy. Yeah, way to think that through Governor. Moron. I have little else to report as I have been swamped with this Assault trial (and I have no new pictures). Next week I go to Homer for a DUI trial. I should be able to get some great pictures. I am looking forward to some time around Christmas. Maybe go ice fishing. Do something fun. Oh, and I am going back to DC to see history on January 20, 2009. Josh, get ready! And thanks for the check, it helped more than you know.


Anonymous said…
It makes me sad.

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