So, happy solstice! Today is the day. I imagine the Earth coming to a grinding halt. Giant gears moving backwards. Back towards the heat and the light. Of course, it is less dramatic but in Alaska winter solstice is a big deal. To celebrate I went ice fishing. I took the Rhino loaded down. We made a fire. Cooked rib steaks. A local magistrate gave me a beaver tail.Cooked that sum bitch up too. The key to beaver tail is to hold it over the fire until the skin comes off. Then crisp. It is fatty and good. We drank Crown Royal over glacier ice. Last summer I snagged a piece of a glacier. Kept it in the freezer. Nothing like drinking whiskey over 10,000 year old ice. Of course we caught nothing. Needed Alaskan Madman for that and he is gone. But we had a good tour of Spirit Lake. When we got too cold we made a fire. When we got hungry we ate meat. When we got thirsty we drank whiskey over ice that saw saber tooth tigers and mammoths. I made a toast to the sun. I'll see you soon my old friend.

P.S. G. Check this out. I'm the mayor!! Why didn't we think of this when you were here? Racing down the ice with the flashing light.


Anonymous said…
The Porn Magazine was a nice holiday touch to the outdoor fishing photo.
Just trying to make it through the winter there Bud.

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