So, thank God! I cried for my daughters tonight. Let the whole world rejoice. The only downside is that Palin comes home to ruin our lives in Alaska. Yet even that horror will not diminish my joy tonight. I did cry. I kissed my girls and told them that everything will be alright. Eight years of murder and torture ended tonight. Thank God. Time to get hammered.


Anonymous said…
My thoughts on Sarah Palin are still spinning. She may have been the most important figure in turning this election and country around. The conservative base was scared and shaken by her ineptness. McCain’s choice for VP caused more to question his judgment about Sarah than any other reason to doubt him. (excluding health and age issues).
Will this go down in history as McCain’s Folly?

Alaska has played a significant role in America’s history during the Civil War. The States were exhausted from years of fighting themselves. Britain wanted America back in their empire. English troops were staged and at the ready in Canada to sweep through the area of upstate New York where all the war making plants were located. Seward as Secretary of State was negotiating with Russia on the purchase of Alaska. What was not written on the back of the check to Russia was a big thank you to the Russians for backing off the Brits, after telling the Brits that Russia would come to America’s aid if they got involved in the Civil War.

So as I see it, between Russia and Sarah, Alaska and all of America are indebted.
Anonymous said…
Too bad the terrorist has won, too bad for the good old USA. And this is the day that starts the end......
D said…
Tell you what Ben. I'll bet you a $1 Federal Reserve Note that by the end of Obama's first term, you will change your mind. Obama will change nothing substantive. The patriot act will not be rescinded, domestic spying on US citizens will increase, and the mad march toward globalism won't slow one iota. Obama is bought and paid for. The only difference you will see is more taxing, more spending, and a full on assault against the 2nd Amendment.

I hope you are right, and I am wrong.
D: I hope so too. Again, my enthusiasm for Obama is not the result of me being a big "Democrat". It is just that the Republicans have gone so far afield that they no longer deserve power. I am hoping that Obama leaves guns alone as it is a battle he can't win easily and hopefully he will respect the Heller decision.
fdr said…
To me personally, is the threat he will sign the Freedom of Choice Act, forcing me to support abortion through my tax dollars. So I couldn't vote for him as much as I couldn't vote for the inept Republicans.

I think Obama's term will not be as bad as most conservatives worry, or as wonderful as most of his supporters feel. I am glad we broke the race barrier in electing a president.,
I'm not sure how allowing "choice" forces you to support abortion FDR. You know my personal feelings on abortion. But is that really the biggest problem in this country?

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