So, life goes on. Winter is settling around us. It was -6 F the other morning when I went to work. Ha. G. What was it in Sacramento? A balmy 60? For once I can rub the "cold" in the face of a Fairbanksan. Life has been a little stressful lately because of my rental house. I had some tenants who created a mold problem. They called me to tell me about it and when I asked to come over and see what I could do to fix it, I was told they had already moved out! They have left me in a bad situation as I may have to pay two mortages in December. Just in time for Christmas. Yay. I went and cleaned up the mold and it has not returned. The tenants are claiming $1300 in damages so a court battle looks likely. At least when I am stressed I just have to look around. These pics are what my drive home looks like. This is Mount Redoubt looking over the Kenai River flats. In fact, these pictures are little subdued compared to the way the mountains often look. I will try and get more pictures of them in their full glory. But, life is good. As of tomorrow, we only have 4 weeks of gathering darkness left! We are having moose spaghetti tonight. The wood stove has the house very warm. I am drinking a glass of merlot. The stress over the house can wait until tomorrow.


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