So, happy Thanksgiving. Here is the one day when all people in America, despite all the troubles in the country, need to remember how lucky we are. Today, of all days, we should put aside the stress and remember that we do not live on $1 a day. Live in a garbage dump. Watch our children die of hunger and basic preventable diseases. Scrounge for a drink of clean water. We should also be thankful that this country is coming out of a dark period indeed. Enjoy this day. Enjoy your family and friends. Alaskan Madman and his family are over. In total, there are 5 kids. 5 adults. Drinking cosmos and listening to 80's music. I am thankful for many things. My amazing girls immediately spring to mind. Last night Kadee was in bed. I told her I loved her. For the first time, she said "I wud you too Dada". I thought my heart would burst onto the floor. Wow. But I am also thankful that, for all the problems in our marriage and despite how isolated I know she is sometimes, that J has not asked me to leave Alaska. G left for a woman. Alaskan Madman is leaving for his wife. So, today, I am thankful that J has not asked me to leave the place that I love. Alaska. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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