So, GO VOTE!!!!!!! Go. Seriously. I would give my left nut to be able to vote tomorrow. To help remove the Republican douchebags who have changed this country so much. When I got to the United States 8 years ago it was a different place. Now there is extraordinary rendition. Drowning people, reviving them and drowning them again. Torture. Black prisons. American citizens arrested on American soil and held without any rights for years. Not to mention the gutting of the Treasury with an unnecessary foreign war. I know you are out there. By the millions. But, it is strange. I do not know one single person who is voting for McCain. I guess I just run in liberal circles. Except even the conservatives I know are voting for Obama. ENOUGH! I think I might cry if Obama wins tomorrow. Not because I believe in everything he stands for. Not because I am a "Democrat". But because the Republicans have turned over this country to dangerous, furtive men. Men who crave power. Men who care only about the big guy. I will cry for my daughters. I am certain that I will cry because America will have a new face. A man who I hope will close Gitmo. Ban torture. Bring the troops home. Not to mention things like the economy, health care, global warming and all the rest of it. I will gladly pay more taxes if I have to. Even swallow more gun control (and that one is hard for me...I used to be a one issue voter). But I want to tell my daughters that America is the place people come to be free! To that end, I am going to do something I have never done on the blog. Use the language that reflects how I really feel: fuck the Republicans. Fuck them. I will explain to my daughters one day why I used this language. I will explain how the people in power for 8 years tortured and killed. GO VOTE!!!! Please.


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