So, G. is here. One last hurrah before he begins life in California. We have been relaxing so far but intend to get out and spend some time outdoors the rest of the week. Of course we have been riding the hell out of the Rhino, drinking whiskey, target shooting and playing WW II games. Good vacation. I must admit it makes me a little sad. Soon, G. will be gone. We have been helping Alaskan Madman move too. It makes me realize that when Spring comes that there will only be a few guys left to do anything with. As G. knows, life in Alaska is only as good as the company you have. Of course, the girls are too young to really get out yet and J. is doing the bulk of the child care (they are doing great as you can see). So this week is really it. Damnit. Well, I am going upstairs to enjoy what time I have.


fdr said…
From that picture, I think your eldest look like your wife, while your youngest looks like you!

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