So, we got our first snow today. Bad timing as I am off to Washington DC in a few hours. I had to fork out the money to fly from Kenai to Anchorage as there was 80MPH winds and bad roads. But I have to go. I just have to see where so much evil congregates. Quite the change from riding the Rhino in the snow to seeing the big city of DC. This time in Alaska is magical. After going like stink all summer, the first snow is welcome. The way it smells. The way it feels. The way the world turns blue. It made me think of one of my clearest childhood memories. I was probably 5 or 6. I was with my older brother. We were cutting firewood way off in the woods somewhere. I remember he pointed out a wolf track to me. I remember the smell of the chainsaw. The way the world turned blue as it got dark. And I was glad that my children will be raised in Alaska. Even though this world is changing. Too many people. Too much "progress". I have just been fuming the last few days. Am I really the last conservative out there? And, for the most part, I am a conservative person. Just because a sexual inadequacy doesn't make me love torture (i.e read modern "Republicans") or I don't think that spending more than you have is appropriate public policy, that does NOT make me a "liberal". I am disappointed with both parties. So, I have to see for myself. Into the den of snakes I go. Watch this video. If my plane crashes, at least I spent my last day with my family. On my Rhino.


Anonymous said…
Oh, Canada here we come.
j said…
Alas all the snow got washed away, rained all night and the snow has gone.
K is very upset, told her she got all kinds of snow to come and not to worry.
Both the kids are doing great, k is talking a lot and she loves to color,paint and make stuff we can send to my family.
A big play-doh fan too!!
Aj is so cute and growing so quick, rolling and laughing.
Time just flies by.
Another winter is apon us, here in this beautiful place, lots o fun to be had as u can see!!

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