So, Tustumena lake. What a beautiful day! As we were launching a guy came up to look at the boat. Not unusual. Except he pointed out that he had spent many, many hours on her. We swamped stories of fires and taking on water. He owns a machine shop and been her former mechanic as well as a friend of the former owner. He told me that they never went out on the ocean without a problem. Once they had to paddle in 9 miles when the motor died out of Deep Creek. The boat went through motor after motor (sound familiar?). The hose that caught fire this May, causing so much panic, had done the same thing with the previous owner. He told me that this boat was "jinxed", a term I have screamed at it many, many times. But. He also told the boat had been up the mighty Yukon river. Dead moose have been on this boat. It is has caught so many halibut that they needed an "assembly line". He had slept on board and seemed to have fond memories of her. Today, for the record, was the second time we went out without any problems at all. He looked at the new design and seemed to think that would work. Let's hope. We visited the cabin on Caribou Island and went all the way around the island.
We pulled ashore and made a fire. Cooked buffalo burgers on the grill. Drank PBR's. We all appreciated the day and the amazing place we live. To top it off, doesn't she look pretty in the water? What a day. By the way, I am heading to Wahington DC in a few weeks to visit a friend. I don't have much time there but I intend to visit the United States Supreme Court and a few other sights. Stay tuned!


fdr said…
YOur pics arer beautiful.

If you get to the NYC area at all, let me know....I'd love to buy you a beer...
And I would love to have one with you. One day I'll have to see NYC.
Alaskan Madman said…
I lived in NYC, now in Kenai.
And we speak of 'polar extremes'.
Both are preeminent - the ultimate city and the ultimate wilderness.
You should come with me to visit NYC this year. Or maybe next. You know that I am from Long Island and visit home as often as I can. At least it will give you a free place to stay.

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