So, today most of the people in the State got their PFD. Am I bitter? Hell yeah! $3269 per person. I didn't think I would be bitter. After all I chose to move here and I know that non-citizens have different rights than citizens. I guess it just pisses me off that I am considered an Alaskan when it comes time to take my money but not to give it to my family. When I go to pay sales tax or property tax or personal property tax or auto registration fees etc etc, I have never once heard "sorry sir, but you are not a true Alaskan, so that is waived for you". I like to think that I am true Alaskan, despite my citizenship. I heat my house with wood. I cut up moose (I have been tanning this hide) and feed my family the moose, bear, salmon and halibut that I can scrounge or kill. I drive a '89 Subaru Wagon (the classic Alaska automobile). I believe in leaving people alone, unless they need help. I came here because, to echo the words of Chief Justice Rabinowitz in Ravin v. State 537 P.2d 494 (Alaska 1975) "Our territory and now state has traditionally been the home of people who prize their individuality and who have chosen to settle or to continue living here in order to achieve a measure of control over their own lifestyles which is now virtually unattainable in many of our sister states." True, I don't believe in banning books or forcing women to have babies they don't want or saying that I oppose things that I have supported. So maybe I'm not a "true" Alaskan after all. Funny. I just don't feel that way.
I think this blog has chronicled how much I love this place and how much I have enjoyed it. So, tonight, I'm going to be bitter. I may not have been born here but I am as "Alaskan" as anyone else. Well, maybe not. The fact is that I am $3269 less Alaskan than everyone else.


Anonymous said…
Take comfort in all the things that your beloved Canada offers you and your family that are not available to Alaskans.
josh said…
what sense does it make to allow foreigners the opportunity to move to the United States and collect interest on natural resources that are owned and leased by the federal government of the United States? Car registration - so you can drive, property tax - so that you may have infrastructure and those lousy firefighters Bill's always complaining about. Should I just move to Saudi Arabia, roll around in the sand for awhile, kill a Camel and demand my share of their oil revenues? Come on, you're lucky us hearty American's will even have you. Call me sometime
Actually Josh the revenues come out of State owned resources. I know you are trying to get my goat because you have acknowledged to me that the system IS unfair.
And what REALLY pisses me off is the $1200 added to the PFD to help us out with the high cost of living. Alyssa got a card from Governor Palin yesterday welcoming her to Alaska and spewing a bunch of shit about how precious she is! Well. Governor. Less precious than other children born in Alaska obviously. You suck.
jvdm said…
Hey you qualifiy for a PFD if you are a resident (don't have to be a citizen), and have been in the State 1 year.

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