So, note to self. Next year more potatoes. They grow great here. More manure in the potato patch too. Less lettuce and kale. More things that can be frozen. I am in the process of putting away the garden. This was my first Alaska garden and it had mixed results. I learned a lot. I probably could have bought the food for less money. It is quite different than gardening in California. Of course, this was one of the coldest summers on record in Alaska so that made in more challenging. I am looking forward to next year as the soil should be better. I am cultivating some red wrigglers in the laundry room over the winter to help even more. Yes indeed. It is dark about 8 p.m. now.....summer is over. The snow will be here soon.


max said…
How do potatoes taste after being frozen? what other vegatables are suitable for freezing?
After freezing, unless done right, potatoes turn to goo. Other vegetables that do well here are brocolli, cauliflower, spinach and peas. Any of the cool weather crops.
Big D said…
so whats up with the greens man? cant you can them?

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