So, the nonsense of this new Republican party aside (Palin actually mocked Obama for caring about the rights of suspected terrorists...Jesus), life goes on in Alaska. I got another road kill moose tonight. This time a nice little bull calf with a broken leg. Once again, zero body damage. Much smaller and easier to handle than the giant cow last time. Sweet. Andy and I had him apart in about an hour. That is seven moose I have done now and I am getting pretty good at it. The key is to take the quarters off first. Never gut the animal before the quarters are off. A bunch more nice roasts and more burger. Plus another darn nice hide. But, also more work. I keep making lists of things I need to do and I keep getting all this free meat, darn it! Anyways, it is 1:30 am and I just got home. This guy is in pieces and hanging in the meat locker. I am going to have a drink and clean up. Get some sleep. A busy weekend continuing to get ready for winter. Now another moose to put in the freezer too!


Anonymous said…
Here little Moosie! HA HA
Anonymous said…
Regarding Governess Sarah Palin and others at the republican national convention gathering of witches decrying Barack Obama's work in and after college as a community organizer, helping the poor and disenfranchised... Can't remember where I saw this, and I'm paraphrasing as best I can:

"Remember, Jesus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor."
fdr said…
Jesus was a carpenter....Pontius Pilate was an Italian. Beter tpo have carpenters running the country than Italians?
Anonymous said…
Sarah Palin rocks, and she is gonna take this country by storm! No way in HELL would I EVER vote for a flip flopper like obama, not to mention someone who has terrorist ties/muslim....He would run this country into the ground faster than we could blink an eye!
And nice moose! I could say mooses/meeses??!?!
Anon #4, I have to presume that you are trying to get my goat. I assume that because you failed to mention that Gov. Palin is absolutely insane. I'm not sure you can appreciate that. I suppose having a President who speaks in tongues and whose experience is primarily being the mayor of the ugliest town in Alaska can't hurt.

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