So, it is my TWO year anniversary with the Alaska Public Defender Agency. That has several consequences. First, on a personal note, where the f^%$ did the last year go? And time only speeds up I hear. Second, I now don't have to pay the State back $3000 for moving expenses. I have fulfilled my part of the bargain. I am also now 25% vested in the State's contribution to my retirement. Of course, I am in a "defined contribution" plan. Working for the State, I do NOT contribute to social security. Which means if the market craps out or the State f%$*ks ups and invests my money in Enron or Lehman Brothers, I could work my entire life and end up with nothing. Not even Social Security (if that is still around). So, as of today, I might have 25% of nothing. Thanks guys! To celebrate I took Kadee for a walk in the fall colors. I love this time of year. Third, I have been thinking about my job. I still love what I do. There is indeed a war on terror in this country. And I am involved. The Government would have us all cower in fear as they strip our liberty. They can keep their unnecessary wars. The war on terror is fought by defense lawyers every day as they argue in front of sneering judges and cold-hearted DA's. I have thought about it today. I have represented murderers. Child molesters. Rapists, junkies, hookers, drunks and wife beaters. In 10 years I have seen many, many faces. I have spoken for those who cannot speak for themselves. I have gotten the guilty acquitted and watched the innocent rot in jail. Somedays I wonder what the hell I am doing. But I am still damn proud of what I do and who I work for. I am an Alaska Public Defender! Year 3 here I come.


Anonymous said…
Vesting is 10 years? 2 years 25%? Math was never my long suit either.
Anonymous said…
Good pics bro! Haven't looked at your site in forever, looks good though. How's the family? How was your visit with Darrel? Deanna and I are well, busy but getting closer everyday to the life we want. 358 days till she writes the UFE and our life can really begin. Maybe we can start to be normal like everyone else and have a life.
Vesting is 5 years. I think it is 25% at 2 years, 50% at 3, 75% at 4 and 100% at 5. Of course, 100% of what is the big question!

Ward, I am still shocked that you are waiting for "life to begin". Wrong attitude bro. Visit with Darren was great. I hear you enjoyed the halibut?
Anonymous said…
Yes we loved it! It tasted so fresh and not bitter like the store bought stuff. As for waiting for life to begin, it kinda goes like this. Deanna works 40 + hours a week, then has 20 to 30 hours a week of school. Plus revisions and having to go to Vancouver for her FFIS. Kind of hard to live life to the fullest when my best friend is busy bussten her A#% for us. CASB wrecks your life for 30 months, thats why not alot of people do the CA route. She does not have ANY free time, so my job is to make sure everything else is done. House Boy stuff, bills, reserving stuff and so on. It is a full pull for us both. I don't know how most CASB students do it without an agent and House Boy. If I am doing my job, deanna barly has to wipe her own backside. Once the UFE is writen and she is done School, things will be better.
We just want the free hippy kinda thing, and not have the stress we do now. Deaths, Bankrupcy, my bad ticker, you get the point. We have a can do no matter what attitude. If I get to see my sweet BFFL graduate, then I drop, good enough. How are things for you?
Shu said…
Having worked as a PD in the past, I'm enjoying your site. When I was in the trenches, I busted my ass for my clients. At the time, it always sucked to lose. But looking back on it from a more objective position, I realize most of the folks I represented who ended up in jail/prison deserved what they got. In fact, in the years that I was there, I can now only think of a couple of clients who I believed were wrongly convicted.

Vesting in 5 years is pretty fast. Is it the same for all AK state employees? My old state, Georgia, was 10. Although they used a fixed formula so one knew exactly what to expect. The only variable was one's last salary level.
Anonymous said…
While I can't say that I know much about Tom, I did meet him in Kenai last fall while waiting for a client to arrive at the hotel we were staying at. Tom seems like a real nice guy, good personality, and this is worth a lot when it comes to guides, and he is not unknown to everyone. Matter of fact I read about him in a nice story in the 2002 June/July issue of Outdoor Life. Scott Shultz wrot e the article and took a bear that (according to the article, and this means take it with a grain of salt)squared close to 11', with a 28" skull. The area Tom hunts is around Redoubt Bay and the Big River, Drift River country, and he does use boats to get around over there, since the alders are beyond belief. I have the 2000-2001 16B bear records if you are interested. 4 bears were taken with skulls going over 26" and this is a decent bear in anyone's book.
Ward: Call mom. Now. No bullshit. You are too old for that. She is worried about you. Do it now. If I was there I'd club your ass for this crap. Now. Go.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I am doing fine, tell her not to worry!
Yeah well maybe you should start making some payments on that 30K.
Congratulations on the 2 year anniversary. I love the picture of you in the Public Defender T-shirt.

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