So, fall is here in the Great Land. The leaves are changing. You can see your breath at night. Not much is new with me. I am just preparing the place for winter. Trying to get in a last few 'summer' activities before the snow arrives. I had hoped to have some great pics of the landscape but the camera crapped out on me twice today. Once on the Kenai River fishing for silvers and again on the Tustumena Lake testing the boat. The boat finally seems to be running right. I will try and get some pictures of the land as it changes. Winter is coming and I feel it. It is amazing how that fact never leaves one's mind when you live in Alaska.
P.S. Alyssa is doing great and is more beautiful each day.


AlaskanMadman said…
To all readers: the failure of the camera was tragic as the scenery was stunning, and the voyage pure joy.

But, Next time I'll pass on testing the cold water immersion suit...

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