So, of all the things I've read about Governor Palin being the VP pick for McCain, I haven't heard any criticism for 1. effectively leaving the state without an executive branch and 2. leaving her family. The easy one first. She is now off running for Vie President. Lt. Governor Parnell is doing his thing in regards to Congress. So who the hell is running the Executive Branch of the State of Alaska? Fine by me actually: less government is always better. Now let me be "politically incorrect". Governor Palin is a brand new mom to a special needs baby with Downs Syndrome. She already had an important and busy job. So why accept this nomination? She is being touted as pro-life and 'pro-family'. Is she really like so many other people who are 'pro-life'...once the baby is out, well too bad? I doubt that. I'm sure she is a loving mother. But this responsibility she is taking on is more than full time. Campaigning aside, Governor Palin has a lot to learn about the world. A lot. I'm sure that every single second of her day is spoken for. Who is going to care for her children, and especially Trig? Her husband Todd, presumably. Fair enough. But what if she wins? Are her kids going to be toted from bunker to bunker? Are her kids really going to get time with her? I'm not saying that women with kids can't have jobs outside the house. I am saying that running a pro-family candidate with a special needs baby at home who needs his mom seems like a contradiction to me. Being 'pro-family' means more than telling people that you can't have an abortion. Being pro-family means sacrifice. Every parent knows exactly what I mean. Well good luck Sarah. Oh hell. I don't mean that. I don't know you personally but the last thing this country needs is a President with zero foreign policy experience. And Wasilla is the most mismanaged (and subsequently ugly) town in all of Alaska. I hope you don't bring that mindset to the White House. The whole country will be a strip mall. Alaska is a great place. Why not stick to making it even better and be here for your kids? If you want to live in Washington DC so bad, why not resign? That is my opinion.

P.S. Check out this backstrap! It took 3 of us 2 days to cut up this moose!


maximovitch said…
"I don't know you personally but the last thing this country needs is a President with zero foreign policy experience."

One could argue Presidents don't make foreign policy. They have a cadre of ideologues surrounding them telling the Prez who to attack next. I speak of both Republicans and Democrats. What foreign policy experience did Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I(ok, somewhat), Clinton, Bush II have? Practically none.

Kissinger, Brzezenski, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Albright, Rumsfeld, Power, W. Clark, Holbrooke,etc, etc, etc....
Maybe not. But having a (possible)President whose only experience is managing a small town in Alaska and then being a brand new Governor isn't exactly comforting. Perhaps one doesn't need to be a professional politician but I am not convinced that she is qualified.
Anonymous said…
ask yourself this. Would you rather have her... or Biden....
Anonymous said…
Biden without a millisecond of thought
maximovitch said…
For those of you who would prefer Biden, check out the link on my name.
Anonymous said…
.....your links are inconclusive, and full of inconclusive innuendo, and very little else.

They come from a libertarian group who founded the Libertarian Republican Organizing Committee, to work within the Republican Party.

In short, it's a front group for the right, and they specialize in demonizing Democrats by attempting to paint Democrats as the instigators of imperialism, when it's their own Republican backers who are the neocons.

They similarly tried to paint a false picture of Clinton when he was president.

You're either gullible, or believe you can pass off this deceptive neocon propaganda.

It's a sham, as is your posing.
It is clear that after 8 dark years of Bush, this country has some healing to do. God I can't wait until January 20. I'm going to buy a really, really good bottle and celebrate. Although I used to agree with the Republicans, the party has changed so much that I would have to vote for Obama if I could. I mean jesus, torturing people? My prediction: Obama in a electoral college landslide.
Max said…
anon at 10:21

The problem with America today is people like you who suppose there are just two sides to everything, i.e. Dem v. Repub. Also, you didn't read the whole website.

They dislike neo-cons just as much as dems. They have no association with today's Republican party in control.

Here is another article by the same author on the same website criticizing McCain's interventionist foreign policy.

"Inconclusive innuendo?" How about you refrain from making conclusory statements with no basis in fact? Where is the evidence that the website is in anyway connected with the Republican party?
RPHIII said…
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Anonymous said…
The reason you have not heard any crticism about Sarah "leaving her family" is because she wouldn't be leaving her family any more that Obama would be leaving his family or any other parent who works, travels, and has a family. They both have young children and are from another state. Saying Sarah's children need her any more than Obama's children need him is sexist and offensive. As a father of two girls you should be ashamed of yourself. Normally when one gets a job in the White House, the entire family moves. I doubt she will be leaving her children in AK.
I am anything but a supporter of Palin. As a pro-choice, pro-gun control, liberal democrat, Obama/Biden will have my vote. Making me even more concerned that you have made me stand up for Sarah.
Yes but Palin CHOSE (as is her right) to have a special needs baby. That means that he will need more care than usual. Is it right that he will have to do those without mom? Babies needs their moms. She is trading her personal ambition for at least a part of her family life. YET she is the 'pro-family' part of the ticket. That is just wrong. She was free not to have Trig. She was free to turn down the VP spot.
By the way..ashamed of myself for what? Thinking that young children, and especially those with special needs, need their mother? Nope. Sorry. Can't do it. Are you a parent? When Trig calls out "Mama" in the night, and he will, what will be the answer? Mama is too busy plotting another unnecessary war? Pick one Sarah: your party's motto is "Country First". What about "Family First"?
josh said…
Sounds like we got a real mama's boy on our hands
Ha ha Josh. Big talk from a man who didn't want to have a chicken head fight with me. Of course you DID clean fish like a madman and I've NEVER seen anyone finish off cases of PBR like you. Damn you Josh! You win again.

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