So, my first day moose hunting this season, this was my view. No moose were taken by my hunting party tonight. But, what a night to drive around and hunt. Work is crazy right now and I was glad to get out of this (short) week. My time off for the summer is over and it is time to buckle down for the winter. Tomorrow I begin the task of winterizing the place. It is coming.


Anonymous said…
I understand how hard it is to be away from extended family. We lived in Idaho for a year-we moved back because I missed my family so much. My husband, did not miss his so much.

Some poeple can do it, others can't. the fact that you've lived so far away for so long indicates that you can do it. I envy people like that-there is something to be said for cutting the apron strings!

BTW, those halibut in the pictures below (?) look delicious. Do you knwo how much a pound of halibut costs in the midwest??? Like, A LOT.
It costs a lot here too. Thanks for the words of encouragement. 99% of the time I love my life here....when people I love visit and leave, it can be hard.

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