So, my brother and his family left today. Sucked. I haven't seem them in 2 years and 3 days was just not enough time. At all. I had this moment when they were here. My niece and I were cooking an Indian dinner. '80's music was playing. I was drinking a Cosmo out of a mason jar. People were coming and going. Kids were laughing. Tables were being moved around. The house just felt 'full'. It was a good moment but even as I was living it I knew that it was slipping out of my fingers forever. I realized how much of my family life I have given up to live in the United States, and in Alaska. She is 15 now and off to University soon. I will probably never have another chance to do something like that. Seems so simple. Cooking dinner and having a drink. But we don't have any family here. Most of the time it is just the 4 of us. Most of the people that I care most about live in other places. I have been lucky enough to se many of them this summer. Mixed blessing. I would encourage anyone thinking about moving to Alaska to carefully consider this fact: it can be isolating. Winter is now coming. Today, driving to work I saw my first fall colors. I have so much to do around here to get ready. But first things first. It is moose season. Time to get a bull. And time to remember that a moose killed my beloved dog, Gromit. I swore revenge then and it is time to exact it. Boom. Time to kill a moose.


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