So, let me tell you something about life in Alaska. At least for me. I am damn proud of where I live. Damn proud. I love this place (even though I despise the government.....but what else is new). Alaska is the best place on earth. So when friends (old and new) and family want to visit, I am happy to accomodate. Not only do I get to do new things (and share the cost) but I get to show visitors why Alaska is just so special. Like today. My family and I hiked up to Exit Glacier. It was Kadee's first hike and she did the ~2 miles like a champ. I was so proud of her. She is getting to be an 'Alaskan'. 2 miles at 2 years old just to see a glacier. Sweet. Like yesterday I went shooting to get my.300 Win Mag dialed in for moose season, which starts Wednesday. Kadee sees my gun and says "Gun. Moose". She just got it. The gun is to kill moose. I didn't teach her that. She just got it. I just about cried. She gets it. And the Government says that this 2 year old is somehow less Alaskan because her parents were born in a different country! If this was not a family blog I would say what I think about that. Let just say this: ^%$&suckers. We'll see. They told Zobel (see Zobel v. Williams 457 U.S. 55 (1982)) the same thing but the United States Supreme Court would not have it. The Court stated that "States may not "divide citizens into expanding numbers of permanent classes. Such a result would be clearly impermissible" (emphasis added). I am so going to jam this in their ass. But anyways. "Gun. Moose". Exactly. Exactly. Back to my main point. Alaska is awesome. But, for me, here is the price: having to show this place to people that I love and then watching them leave. This summer there have been many, many tears in driveways and airports as I have had to say goodbye to those I loved. My brother and his family will be the last this summer and thank God. I am not sure I could handle any more. Seriously. I have 2 more days with them and intend to enjoy every second.

P.S. Kadee and Alyssa, here is my promise to you my little girls. With every ounce of my legal ability, and every ounce of my love for you, I will NOT let the Government tell you that you are second class citizens. I may not win. But I promise to try. I love you more than you will ever know.


j said…
It was a great family day out, we all had a good time, K did love hiking, AJ slept in the baby bjorn through pretty much the whole thing. A workout for K and myself, carrying a 15lb baby 2 miles.
I am excited as it means perhaps we can go hiking more often as a family and see some more beautiful scenery.
Anonymous said…
These pictures are great, as is the story line--love Exit Glacier--but I would really like to see the photo's from Andy's camera of the rhino on its side and roof--that was good stuff and only got to see them in the small viewfinder of his camera. Please post.
operator101 said…
Sue. Sue them till the bleed. I cannot be more emphatic with my hatred against the State on this issue. It makes my eyes bleed each time I come to check your blog and read the same thing.
Anon: I don't have photos of Josh and Andy destroying my Rhino. Still fuming about the body damage. Will try and get the photos. Had MAJOR tantrum (as you know) when I saw destruction. Operator: It is in the works. I need the denial. Then, pursuant to Andrade v. State I will NOT pursue administrative remedies. Will go directly to Court. Time to get into the trenches. If I can fight til I bleed for crack dealers and child molesters, imagine what I will do for my girls!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like we have a lot in common, including our disgust for the recent discriminatory action of the senate on the energy relief issue.

I grew up in AK and left when I was 30. Just returned in January of this year with my new family after 13 years of being gone.

We knew we would have to wait before being eligable for the PFD. No big deal...we didnt come for that. We're here because we love it here.

I moved my family and all our belongings here, bought a house, car, pay proerty taxes and have so far invested my life savings in Alaska's economy.

There is no rational reason new residents should not get the energy relief. To me it is blatant, criminal discrimination by the state.

All 30,000-60,000 new residents need to stand up and demand equal treatment. As you say, not just for the $1200...but for what the state might try to pull in the future.

Bottom line is...I have no idea how to pursue action against the state. But if someone would lead the charge, I'll do whatever I can to help.

One thing has me confused say you dont qualify for the PFD because you are not a citzen. But if you live and work in Alaska, arent you a legal permenant resident? And doesnt that satisfy the PFD requirement?
Anon: I am here on a TN visa so I am not eligble. Fair enough. Partly BS, but I'm not complaining on my sake. However, my children are US citizens and as much Alaskan as anyone else here. We'll see what the Court says. Oh, we'll see indeed.

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