So, I just had to post this picture. Made me laugh. Alyssa is so beautiful. Wow. Today, I am trying to cut, split and stack 3 cords of wood. Taking a break from moose hunting. There are just too many damn people on the Kenai Peninsula. As usual, my house is a hub of activity today. It used to be that I was the guy borrowing everything. Now that I have more outdoor gear, tools and space, everyone comes over here to work on vehicles, borrow gear, butcher fish and animals, drink and all of that. OK. Back to work. It seems that every single thing I own is broken or in need of service after a summer of fishing, hiking, hunting, camping and all of the things I got to do in the best place on Earth: Alaska.

P.S Winter preparations are coming along. Check out this freezer. The top row is moose, then red salmon, then halibut, lingcod and sheefish, then chicken, and finally king salmon and trout. The door has clams, spinach from the garden and smoked salmon. The garden is in full swing and the potatoes are coming along too.

P.P.S. Josh: Bill and I finished it yesterday. I will stain it this fall. Works like a charm.


josh said…
nice work on the gate - who would've thought bill was handy. yeah yeah yeah send me the bill, I can read between the lines . . . or drive a truck through them. Missing you and AK over here in the sweaty south. P.S. civil court just ain't the same.
Josh, Josh, Josh. You know me better than that. I wasn't trying to be subtle. I just wanted to show you the gate. Don't worry I'll send you the bill but it is moose season and I need the Rhino. Parts not as bad as I thought by the way. I know civil court aint the same. It is for lawyers that can't handle court ;)
P.S. Thanks Jeremy for all the money you have lent/given me over the years.
That's a fine looking gate!
You, of all people, should know how handy I really am. Civil court is not the same, there is nothing on the line. Only money. And, sometimes, lots of it. But life and liberty aren’t up for grabs. The government breaking down your door isn’t. And the cases just seem to drag on forever…

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