So, the boys just left. 10 minutes ago. Am devastated. So many goodbyes. And it will get worse for me. My brother will be here in a few weeks. Have said goodbye too many times this year. Could tell more stories about fishing. Tustumena lake. All my recent pictures did not was full. But everything seems so hollow now. There is nothing left to say. My tears are enough. Streaming down face. I need to be alone now. I need to suffer alone. Such bitter sweetness. So much joy that ends in so much pain. Wouldn't trade it for the world. I will miss them more than they will ever know. Will write again when I am ok. Dont know what I will possibly write about.Bye for now.


Hermandeep said…
Like dude, are you for real?
Um, like, that is the kind of like question I would, like, expect from a dipshit. Yup, for real. That is the point. It is called emotion. Look it up sometime dumbass. Like I have to explain myself to you.
j said…
Althouh they are B's friends I will miss the guys very much. It was nice to have people who wanted to talk to me and listen.
It was a very interesting and revealing week for me.
And I am left feeling very sad for MANY reasons now.
I have known Brian and Steve for 6 years or so and talking to them reminded me of good times that B and I had in Ukiah.
I hope I will see them next year but who knows.
Thanks for all the stuff you left guys, sorry I did not say it yesterday.
Anonymous said…
hermandeep? "like dude", is that a name or what I did to your mom?

By the way, do you expect people to respect your opinions when you start them with "like dude"??


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