So, yesterday I had an Alaskan rite of passage: dipnetting on the Kasilof River. There is nothing like standing in glacial water with a giant net trying to catch salmon. And catch we did. The three of us caught 8 salmon. We are allowed 155 for our families. Of course the salmon are not really free. For example, I learned that my neoprene waders don't save electronics from water. I ruined my (4th) camera and my cell phone. My cell was trashed and I needed a new one. By the way if anyone reading this wonders why I don't call, I lost ALL my numbers. And, like a dummy, I let my phone store them. So, G, call me. The camera may recover. Damnit. But it was a fun night. We took the families and made a fire on the beach and cooked buffalo burgers and hot dogs and I stood in a river and drank Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. There were a ton of people on the beach and it was one giant party with fires, 4 wheelers, kids, dogs and happy people. The sun was bright over Mt. Redoubt and all the world was right. I commented more than once that this is what life in Alaska is all about. Except for those damn fragile electronics. Why don't cameras like -40 weather and being dropped in rivers?


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The Alaskan Wild Adventures of Ben and Jeremy: Where "loaded for bear" Is NOT Just an Expression

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