So, victory! Sometimes a Public defender just needs to hear the words "not guilty". I got to hear these words when the jury acquitted my client of all charges. Sure, 3 people said my client went after them with a pickaxe. Sure there were some minor injuries. But the State couldn't weave a decent story. I did something I always wanted to do in a closing argument and told the story of Susanna from the Book of Daniel, chapter 13. I highly recommend this story to all defense counsel who have a case where the details matter. The jury told me afterwards that they thought it was great. The best part was as the jury was leaving, I told my client to stand up and ask for his pickaxe back, which he did. Great moment. Our office has done 5 trials lately and won 4 (with my recent loss the only defeat). An 80% win rate for defense work is darn good. Darn good. Anyways I am going back to trial in Homer next week on a felony DUI and refusal. We'll see what happens. Am taking the boat and will explore Katchemak Bay so should get lots of great photos. Doing all these away from home trials is getting a little tiring as the work piles up in the office and the home front has many chores, such as the vegetable garden and getting next years wood. But there is nothing I can do. And if I get to hear a "not guilty" once in a while it is worth it.


fdr said…
Ben, what kind of things can tou grow there in Kenai?
fdr said…
Everything so far...but first summer and not sure what will grow well. Spinach, lettuce, spuds, kale, beets, onions are all doing great. The greenhouse has nice tomatoes and peppers.
fdr said…
Really? Good to know. I heard they can't get much to grow in Kodiak, maybe because it is usually so cloudy and rainy?

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