So, Nabesna. God I love Alaska. Jeremy and I hiked up the Caribou Creek Trail, which is at mile 19.2 of the Nabesna Road. At the end of the ATV trail, there is a plywood cabin. We used that for the first night. Then we climbed. We set up the tent on the edge of a cliff on an unnamed hill. We climbed mountains for two days. We drank out of Caribou Creek and scavenged for firewood. On the mountain there was no wood so we burned moss. Drank whiskey. Endured wind and rain so hard we were afraid we would be blown right off the mountain. Practiced making fires without matches. Each day we watched the snow creep down further and further. We saw bear tracks but no bears. Suffice to say, it was amazing. It was great to see Jeremy and just be men for a few days. This was an amazing place and I would love to take others here. G, let's go. The girls will love this place I hope. Being part of Wrangell St. Elias National Park it should never change. The cabin was nice, but it has been there for at least 16 years based on the notes inside. Maybe it will still be there in a few more years. I was reminded once again just how lucky I am. The boys arrive on friday for some fishing. Stay tuned for even more life in Alaska. Check out the video of the was CRAZY on that mountain!



Anonymous said…
Indeed it was awesome. The pictures do it justice only for the two of us that remember it... and yes, it was a massive massive storm.

One thing Ben doesn't mention is that we climbed a mountain so steep we were on all fours and not entirely unafraid of death... but the summit was worth it.

Hell of a time. Where will our next adventure be?

Alaskan Madman said…
Wish I could have been there. I keep seeing all these pics of you enjoying Alaska....while I slave away and look at it out my window.
Way to go...enjoy.
AM: want to go dipnetting tomorrow night? Halibut fishing this week? Let me know. P.S. We could take the Rhino and your quad up is badass.
Anonymous said…
Brokeback mountain called...
and it called for Anonymous #2.

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