So, I'll never fish with a rod and reel again, unless it is for halibut. That is for chumps and tourists. Damn, dip netting kicks ass! Went again tonight and got another 7 reds. Only stopped because Ken got 8 more and we didn't want to clean more than 15. We already did 16 last night. We were stopped by a State Trooper tonight for a not having two headlights. Funny. He recognized us and just kind of waved us on. The '89 Subaru is covered with nets, fish, empty beer cans, sand, chains, sawdust, tools, clubs, knives and other Alaska 'essentials'. Made me laugh. Life is so damn busy right now. Between the trials, suppression hearings and bail reviews work is nuts. The fish are in. I still need to cut at least 3 cords of wood. Jeremy gets here Saturday and we are going up the Nabesna road to Wrangell St. Elias National Park for a 5 day wilderness adventure. Should be great and will get many great pics. Then, the day after I get back the boys from California are rolling in for 10 days of extreme fishing and drinking. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Alaska?


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