videoSo, if I thought dipnetting on the Kasilof rocked, fishing on the Kenai off the boat was amazing. Check out this video. Big, beautiful sockeyes. There were so many fish that we even caught some by 'accident'. Or two at a time. And the fish haven't even entered the river in any significant numbers. Amazing place. God, I love Alaska.


Anonymous said…
Well as much grief as I like to give you about that death-trap of a boat--it sure looks to have paid off. That picture of all the fish on deck is simply a beautiful sight--good wholesome view of our Alaskan pantry.

Anonymous said…
Those Kenai "bluebacks" are two to three times the size of their Kasilof kin. Good on you! What do you think they averaged, 12# to 14#?
Yeah probably 10 to 12 pounds each...a LOT of fish.......W...the boat worked like a charm last night and again tonight...many hundreds of pounds of fish. Just awesome. Another 16 were caught tonight.
Anonymous said…
I don't ever want to hear you complain about your life again. It could be so much could be sitting in 100 degree heat in could be in an office surrounded by could have been worse. That's all I'm saying.
Now, now "anon". I thought you were going dipnetting on the Copper? F man. Get down here and we'll get your 25 fish. But you are right. Alaska is 1000x better than California and my office is 1000x better than Juicy.

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