So, the boys are here! Awesome. They arrived in the RV last night. We promptly started drinking, riding the Rhino and, of course, fishing. Stay tuned for some great pictures. Several of the crew are down with hangovers so it will be a slow day.


Anonymous said…
Ben, J must be a very laid back wife. I can't think off any circumstances where I'd let my husband's 'boys' shack up and party at my house for a few days!! Unless they kept the partying, and themselves confined to the garage!

Anyway, great photos-never get tired of looking at them. What do you do with all that fish?

Angie: I think J likes the company and they are all great guys. The fish is going to a lot of families.
Anonymous said…
well i sure as hell would not like it if you were my husband
Well then anon, let's BOTH count our blessings. I would LOVE to be married to a uptight, highstrung woman! Here's a clue: good for one cares what you think.

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