So, you want to see a good time in Alaska? Check my my digs last night. I slept on the beach in between tides waiting for the salmon to come in. Sleeping bag. .44 pistol. Tarp. Good to go. God I love Alaska. I really, really do. I have not posted a pic of the kids lately (this blog tends to get a bit 'selfish' in the summer) so here they are. Doing great and growing up so darned fast. Soon, they will be with me on all the Alaska adventures. Kadee already loves her Rhino rides, as you can see. She is talking more and more. Yesterday, I was trying to sleep and she came in. I woke up and said "no, Kadee, let me sleep". She ran back to J and said "Dada mean". Funny stuff.


Anonymous said…

write about that!


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