So, Ketchikan! The last two days have been very beautiful here with bright blue skies. Quite the contrast to the way it looked when I first arrived (to the left). I am enjoying the town and am enjoying the work here...I have only been here a few days but it does seem less stressful than being a Public Defender in Kenai. Being here makes me want a (working) boat. Unlike the death trap that is called Cook Inlet, this place is surrounded by protected water. You could spend a lifetime exploring the coves and bays around here. Not to mention there is world class salmon and halibut fishing. There is also great fishing in Kenai but here there are crabs and shrimps too. No moose are around but there are plenty of deer and black bear to hunt. Yup, suffice to say, I like Ketchikan a whole lot. One day, I'll definitely bring the family down here..I really should have done it this trip.


Anonymous said…
I wanted pictures of the floating/sinking police car.
I understand this event was staged for the tourists.
Anonymous said…
I've got a sociological question for you. In most "civil" areas of the US, criminal defense attorneys are gererally view by the public as being evil. I believe there's some truth to that belief, of course, that is until I need one. Is there a general perception of criminal defense attorneys in Alaska? If so, what is it? - JH
I JUST missed the sinking cop car...just yellow tape left when I got down there. JH, I think there is some of that here but I do honestly think there is quite a bit less of it. Certainly when I voir dire, I see less of it. I think many people come to Alaska on the perception that is more "free" and many people seem to recognize that we defense attorneys are pretty damn important in keeping in that way. Maybe you should get off your ass and come visit this place some day.

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