So, I keep hearing that Kadee looks like me. No. Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is to the left. Done. I got a nice surprise today. The State's medical plan has a $1000 maximum out of pocket. Except it isn't. I learned that J's doctor is an "out of network"provider. So the money we paid him doesn't count. Over $1000. The problem is that he is one of the only OB-GYN's (if not the only one) in the area. So Now I have to pay a bunch of hospital bills too. Yay! Heads up: the medical plan here is terrible. Geez guys. For $935 a month you'd think the State would at least buy a decent plan for us.


Anonymous said…
Nice shirt chief.... nice.

... just kidding, my kid pictures are a fashion disaster.

Anna said…
Most network plans have an exception in the fine print that says they have to treat your doctor as an in network doctor if they do not have an in network doctor within a reasonable distance of your home. Not all plans have that clause, but it makes it worth reading the fine print in your policy and checking with the State Board of Insurance in your State for their rules on in and out of network providers. In Texas the limit is usually about 75 miles.

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