So, I got my camera cord today. Sweet. Here are some random pictures of life in Alaska in the last week. The best place on Earth. Drinking beer by the ocean. Watching my boat take on water (again). Getting firewood. Riding in planes. Catching fish. Life goes on. Am in a felony trial. I have a bunch of work to do in the next few weeks but then Jeremy gets here for our hike and the boys get here for 10 days of fishing.


j said…
Ketchikan was that good that B wants to use those airmiles and go back for a weekend to party all night with KP and Paul this summer.
Wish they could come here.
Sorry I am biased as B did mention a trip to Hawaii or Cali, this winter with us, the family so I am kinda hoping he does not go and we can all have a change of scene.
But B works hard so he deserves a break.
Weather is warming up, K loves the playground so we have fun things to do as well

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