So, I find myself quite sad today. Strange really. I have only been here a week but a big part of me doesn't want to leave. Perhaps it is because I was born and (mostly) raised in a place very similar and only a few hundred miles south. The smell of the sea air, the green ferns, the rain and the blue light of the hills all seem so natural to me. Even though I live close to the ocean, I really realize now how much I miss it. I have enjoyed my time in Ketchikan. Funny how one can be happy and enjoying oneself but yet feel sadness at the same time. I am looking forward to being home yet I am unwilling to leave. It reminds me that time keeps moving forward and there is nothing we can do about it.
P.S. This is the Hole in the Wall of the best bars I have ever been to.


j said…
Sounds like a great bar, wish I was there too.

I have been thinking the same thing, looking at the girls they are growing so quick, time stops for no one.
Kadee talks so much now and is becoming quite the little girl, with dress up clothes, clip on earings and pretend lipstick.
Aj is so alert, taking everything in and getting her own personality.
I smile thinking ahead, these 2 girls fighting over toys, clothes the bathroom.
Who gets to terrorise uncle G when he visits, all that good stuff.
fdr said…
I am insanely jealous about all the cool Alaska places you get to visit. I appreciate your documenting them, so I can live vicariously through you!

BTW, 6 more weeks and I'll no longer be "the man." What a long stranger tyrip its been.....
j said…
I now know exactly why B had such a GOOD time in Ketchikan, thanks to KP.
I wonder is this the bar where certain people were bumping and grinding on the dance floor.
I remember those good times from my single days but now I am married with kids, don't get to do that kind of thing.
Guess some lucky married peeps do.

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