So, I am learning to make the best of what is a seemingly bad situation. One of my character flaws is that I tend to be a bit high strung. Ok, maybe a bit more than a bit. Anyways, I am learning to deal with that. It is helpful to have a guy around like Josh, one of our summer interns. Unflappable is the personality trait that comes to mind. For example, we are out on Katchemak Bay last night looking for halibut on "The Defense Rests". What do you think happens? The boat blows a hose and starts taking on water. At the same time the control panel for the bilge pump starts smoking and blows out. Now we are out at sea mind you. In the past, I might have panicked. Except now I expect to take on water. Josh just hopped back there and fixed the hose. We got out the manual bilge pump. We were fine. Nobody panicked. The only injured party (other than a nickel's worth of hide on Josh) were the beers we drank immediately thereafter. We learned a little more about the boat and how to deal with it. So we started fishing. And exploring.We found this amazing island and beached the boat and walked around. It was just super, super cool. It turns out we had a great time. It never really gets dark here and these pictures were taken around midnight.Today I am home on a break from fishing all 4 tides with the set net. I guess I just wanted to say thanks Josh. Without getting too corny here, I really appreciate having you here and will miss you when you go. I hope just a little of your attitude will rub off on me. Hell, it's FINE!


A.M. said…
Did you up the amperage for the bad bilge pump fuse we found? should have just blown again.

Glad you got the backup manual bilge pump.

When I told you to expect it to happen again, I really did'nt mean for it to happen ya know.
josh said…
I appreciate your kind words my friend. It's all about setting those negative benchmarks! Thanks for the experience
Anonymous said…
Hi Ben,

I wish I was there ... 3 days of salmon fishing here in Campbell River - skunked - except for a load of prawns but with boat fuel works out to about $3/tail! Email me will ya? I don't have your contact number. I sold the house and moved in a matter of three weeks. HAPPY B DAY tomorrow too!

Dave (

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