So, despite being away from home, it seems like I am managing to do the same sorts of things. Drink. Shoot. Admire Alaska. The weather here continues to be great. I am hoping to get out on the water and explore a bit of the island for some other pictures. Work continues to go well and I am gearing up for some trials next week. I'll post again when I get some more pictures or something interesting to write about.


Anonymous said…
The comments have fallen off the blog. We need to raise something controversial. HEBCa? or TTWLC?
Anonymous said…
With scenery like this I am surprised your co workers do not want to get a chance at covering a position.
A good way to see AK, hanging out drinking til 1am etc.
Just a thought.
Well my co-workers may want a chance. They should get on it. Not everyone wants to go to Kotzebue in -40 and since I have shown my willingness to be 'Johnny on the spot', I get other opportunities too. But nice J.

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