So, chicken killing day. Time to put protein in the freezer for the winter. In only 20 days, the days will start getting shorter. So, today a number of friends and I put over 30 birds in the freezer. Thank God too. With my luck with the boat (which is still in the shop), I need all the help I can get. It is back to work tomorrow. Am both anticipating it and dreading it. The next few weeks are going to be crazy busy. But, today, another thing got crossed off my summer 2008 list. Over 15 beautiful corn finished chickens went into my freezer and two other friends got 10 each. When it is dark and -30 outside, the fire will be roaring and one of these babies is on the rotisserie life will be good. Thanks for the help guys. Dinner is on me. G has gone home and I have felt a little lost without him. I miss him. We got drunk at Hooligans and we talked pretty extensively about my recent depression. I need to remember how adamant he was and about how important my family is. I finally think I have it straightened out. Good vacation G. See you in a few months over a moose hunt.


Amy said…

Thank God for you Ben/Attorney/Butcher/A Man's Man!

My family of 5 ate GREAT last night. I cooked one of those babies last night and it was like I was on "Survivor" the show. I guess my little body was needing some protein BAD!.

And I swore I wouldn't eat one the day it was killed. Ha. Bring it on.

Thanks to all of you we will be eatin' some chicken this winter!

Amy Florence
Anonymous said…
This may be a good time to provide one of my all time favorite Ben'isms.

I call him up to discuss the rule against perpetuities (or perhaps to discuss which Suzanne from our law school class was hotter) and when he picks up the phone he says "Hi Jeremy, let me call you back, I need both hands to pull the guts out of this rabbit. Click."

Anonymous said…
A Man's Man? Oh, I beg to disagree. If you look closely, he is quite fashionable in those croc's of his. Rather "cosmopolitan" isn't it? Next thing you'll see is him wearing Juicy brand pants.

j said…
And ordering a berry delight, right g.

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