So, the boat has sucessfully gone on the water twice now. Tonight we took it out of the Kenai river and into Cook Inlet a half mile or so. There are a few minor problems but no fires. It didn't take on water or leave us stranded. Hell, that's a good night. I think it is because I finally named her. She is now "The Defense Rests". I hope that is better than "The Defense Sinks to the Bottom". Talking about that, I lost my trial. All four counts. Ouch. I start another one soon. Good thing too. I don't what is wrong with me but I have been restless lately. Edgy. I find myself wondering what I have done with my life. Thinking about all the things that I haven't done. At least being busy at work helps with that. I know. I know. There is no reason for it. I mean look at my life. I told a co-worker today how I was feeling and she agreed: perhaps it is good to feel this way. I'm not the type to be complacent. Anyways, the boat is running. One less aggravation. By the way, happy solstice! The photos were taken around 11:00 p.m tonight. Still light. Sweet.


Anonymous said…
That's a great name!
I like the name of your boat! Good choice.
Anonymous said…
Where's my fish Biotch??

By the way, why is it that the only people in your photos without big long beards are women? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate prison p**sy as much as the next guy but trim that stuff man!

Anonymous said…
Hey there! I just stumbled across your site and got a kick out of it. I am a prosecutor in Alaska and am also starting to blog some thoughts and feelings. It was cool to see another and I think that we so often focus on being "on the other side" that we don't look at how much we often have in common.

I love the name of the boat. I'd work in Southeast and live on a boat if I could but I too have a couple of kids. Guess I'll have to wait until retirement! Good luck to you and your family!

Anonymous said…
As prosecutors often say " there is no crying in baseball and prosecuting".

In football and crim law " the denfense never rests"

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