So, the snow is almost gone. Is it time to panic? Why yes it is. Because the snow will be back in a few months. So today, I focused on meat and wood. My day started at 5 am with a road kill moose. That is my fifth road kill since getting here. A couple of buddies (thankfully) helped and it only took a couple of hours to get from the roadside into the truck. After it was skinned and in the meat locker, I went and got almost a 5 gallon pail full of clams with some friends. Then it was time to work in the garden and cut firewood. Sweet. My hands are cut and sore. My back aches. But, once again, I am amazed to be here in Alaska. A few years back I lamented the decision of Hudson v. Michigan 547 U.S. 586, where the U.S Supreme Court ignored centuries of law to please the new masters at the helm. On Friday the Alaska Court of Appeals in State v. Berumen ( at ) said that decision was too limiting for Alaska. In Alaska, cops need to give notice before they break down your door. Thank God. P.S. Alyssa and mama continue to do great. P.P.S. Thanks Steve. The 9.9 Yamaha looks great on the boat! Get up here and let's fish.


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