So, partial sucess! We got the boat out and running. These are rare pictures indeed. Because at the end of the trip, it was clear that something was wrong. Once again, it is back at the shop. Am frustrated. Do I sell it? There is a hell of an argument there. Or do I keep it and hope this is it? I can't keep throwing money at broke. But damnit I didn't want to live in Alaska without a boat. Hopefully it gets fixed and off we go. The vacation is going by fast.
So, we decided that was enough boating for one weekend and went Rhinoing. Awesome. 2/3 of us on the trip flipped our machines. Including the Rhino. Wish we had gotten a picture of G and I strapped into a flipped Rhino. The problem was the mud. It is like peanut butter. It just caught our wheel and flipped us on the side. No damage was done and it was pretty funny. Well, off for another day of Alaska adventure. Despite the broken boat and the high cost of fuel and all the rest of it, I wouldn't trade this for anything. G and I were commenting yesterday how we could be still stuck in California. God I hate California.


Anonymous said…
Shouldn't you be home helping your wife with your toddler and brand new baby????!!!!! Just saying...
j said…
This place is great, theres lots O fun to be had as you can see.
I would warn people thinking about it, if you have small kids or are thinking about having them then you should wait until they are older.
Otherwise you will very frustrated seeing everyone else going off and having all the fun.
The weather is not that bad and that should not turn people off.
J and I go through this every year. I anticipate his trip with G for a whole year. Don't know what to say: there is no money to take a trip. I am home everynight on this vacation and still cook etc. The girls will be old enough soon to come along.
Smokey the Bear said…
What is up with four wheelers starting your neighborhood on fire Monday evening. Heilicopters, planes, firetrucks all over the place.

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