So, I'm back. Despite all the stress, my new TN visa was approved without difficulties. Now I have to come up with $300 tomorrow for J's visa. It just never, ever ends. I am back a day early as the process went faster than I expected. Partly that is due to the fact that G was supposed to join me. As usual, he had a flaky excuse about "trial" or something.

I had a great time camping and took the time to enjoy this part of Alaska. Next year, even though I can do it by mail, I think I would like the four of us to do this trip. Trust me, pictures cannot do any justice to this part of the world. I'll just make it our yearly trip until this country gets its head out of its ass and enacts some meaningful immigration reform. The family is all well and it is time to go spend some time with them.

P.S. Jeremy, here is the entrance to Nebesna road, where we will doing our wilderness adventure this summer. Gives you some idea, but wait til you see this my friend. It just takes your breath away.

P.P.S. G take a close look at the first photo. That tank in the ice cold lake contains 5 gallons of the best oatmeal stout I have ever made. It was so good with the moose ribs and the baked potatoes.


Anonymous said…
So, you went to Canada. Did your sidearm go with you? Or did you hide it in the bushes for your to the land of freedom and guns? Or did you park in America and walk acroos? Can a Canadian have sidearms when U.S. citizens can't travel with handguns? I really need to know so that I can take a Canadian and a handgun through your home country without trouble.
j said…
happy mothers day to me for sunday!
While b was having stress and fun, me and the girls took the double stroller out for a another spin.
Was sweet, both seem pretty comfy.
I am taking pictures like crazy, nothing like a newborn to bring out the photographer in someone.
I use the trusty single use cameras, get 2 sets one for the wall and one for my family.
I cannot wait to get home made things from the kids on mothers day, it is truly amazing being a mom and just maybe we will add another one to the family!!!
Anon: I left the firearms in America. There are two reasons I left Canada: guns and taxes. Canada is a great country but it has its head up its ass when it comes to guns. Where I camped, there was a real risk of bears. So I armed myself.

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