So, I had one of those days. It just seems like everything in my life is broken or about to break. It started when I went to take the studded tires off of J's car. I learned that, despite the fact that the other tires only have about 20,000 miles on them, they are worn out. So I need to come up with $360 by Thursday, when it becomes illegal to have studded tires on a car. The dishwasher crapped out. The fridge died. The Rhino is in the shop. The blinkers on my car died and it is leaking oil like the Exxon Valdez. Half the plants we planted for our garden died. The water out to the brewery is still frozen (?). The vaccum broke. The boat needs new tires and some new parts on the trailer. The house just seems in chaos. This month, between the need for new visas, some insurance bills, medical bills and things breaking, I had to borrow almost $3000 on a line of credit. At 13.5 %. OK breathe. Deeply. None of this matters. The chicken house got done last night. The garden was worked on again tonight. Alyssa is doing great. All the family is doing great. It is just money. Being broke is one of the joys of being a public defender. I live better than 99% of the world. Everyone is healthy. Everything is fine. Everything will be fine. OK. I feel better. Damn tires.


Anonymous said…
Are you washing your new baby with dish soap?
Hell yeah! It is cheap. In fact I am going to make my own soap out of wood ash (we have plenty) and animal fat. Actually no.

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