So, I had the most amazing moment today. It had nothing to do with my vacation. I was walking with Kadee down the road. I had to pick her up. The sunlight was streaming through her blond hair. She was laughing. And I was acutely aware that the moment would only last a few seconds. The bills in the kitchen were forgotten. All the world was gone. Except for looking down at my laughing little girl with the sunlight streaming through her hair. God, I love her.


j said…
Our daughter is very beautiful, she looks like my dads side of the family with that blonde hair and steely blue eyes.
Her sister is just as cute and will be just as strong minded.
As Kadee likes to say these days NO!!!! to almost everything.
Being a parent is the most amazing thing, stressful and hard at times but you would do anything for them and love them unconditonally.
I really appreciate my parents now I am one myself, love you mum, you are my rock and my best friend.
Alaskan Madman said…
When you have those kid moments, all else that seemingly matters fades away. Who cares about boats, money, the hunt, or whatever, when they look up at you with those eyes full of affection and love and attention for daddy.

Anonymous said…
All I can say is that it gets better and better the more they are able to communicate with you. You will think it can't get any better but it does.

For those seasoned parents out there, how do you deal with the shortness of it? I get very sad when I think of it all being over (and my oldest is only 3 1/2). I want so desperately for those moments to last, but I know they cannot.

Gracehoper said…
All the crap in life is worth it for moments like those.
fdr said…
I think there is an eternity that is reflected in those moments. Everything will eventually pass, but in those moments we are given a glimpse of those things that will never pass long as we hold onto them and cherish them. It's all about love. Life sucks without it. Hell is heaven WITH it.

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