So, a busy weekend. I find that I can easily work another 8 hours after work at this time of year. It is light, and I mean light, until 11 p.m. Soon, I will be able to stay outside to 2 am. J and I fight about whether the kids should have a routine. I say no. This time is going to pass us by so quickly. I can watch Kadee sit by the fire and chase chickens and dogs and grow, or she can sleep and I can miss it all. Summer in Alaska is so short. So Kadee stays up until 11 p.m. at least. I know, I know. I can hear all the arguments against it. Many of the things that I was lamenting in my last post are on the way to repair. The garden is about ready to fully plant. Got the greenhouse up today. Got a thanksgiving turkey and 6 laying chickens growing away in the spare bathtub. Got new tires on the boat. Of course when I jacked it up a support in the trailer that was rotten gave way! I don't have the equipment to fix it. So back to the shop it goes. I have to laugh, it's only money after all. But, after a very, very busy weekend the yard looks livable. The animals and garden are in good shape. The butcher shop was fully sanitized with bleach and hot water today in anticipation of the first wave of salmon that will be arriving on May 29. I am going to bed now a happy man. G will be here on friday and there will be a week of hunting, fishing and drinking. A good Alaska adventure. Am excited.


j said…
I have given up on trying to get k in to a routine. I love being with my children and seeing K just having a blast outside, getting dirty, trying to rough house with the dogs and having a tantrum because she wants in with the chickens etc
Most parents do get sometime together without the kids and thats why I was trying to get a routine going so WE can work in the garden, have a drink without chasing kids around or worrying what is K in to mow!
And she sure can find something to get in to, giving me a cheeky look followed by a defiant I will not do as you tell me to do!
She amazes me everyday and her sister will be a month old time sure flies.
Anonymous said…
hey... that new baby looks just like Gabe! When was it that Gabe come down for that fishing trip last year... July? Let's look back at the blog... hmmmm.

Seriously though, in my opinion, as a parent of two little ones, time without the kids is good for parents... which in turn benefits the kids... which in turn benefits the parents... it's like the circle of life (or sanity).


P.S. Ben loves it when his posters use the "..." to signify a pause... See above email for examples on use).
fdr said…
As a father of four, count me as those among the structure/routine party. They don't WANT to go to bed, but they really are much happier when they have a consistent bed time, and Jeremy is right, mom and dad need uninterupted time togehter as well.

How about a compromise? Structure, but one night a week that she gets to stay up and hang w/ daddy....Friday or something.

It must be hard thought with all that daylight. It isn't getting real dark here in Buffalo until 9:30 and even that makes it harder to get them to go to bed.

Structure w/ flexibility.....

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