So, summer is COMING!!!!! To celebrate, have been preparing all day for a big trip to Ninilchik beach to clam tomorrow. Spent money I don't have on this trailer to move the Rhino (and other things). Am kegging some booze and marinating some rib eyes bought by another of the paticipants. Taking the Rhino and another ATV down to beach along with a bunch of firewood, meat and booze. Eleven of us are going and it should be a good party. My only regret is that J and Kadee are not coming. J has her reasons but I am still looking forward to the time when the family can do these things. Should be a great party.
P.S. This may be the moose that killed Gromit. I could blow her brains out with a .22 at this range. Am tempted, but no. Need proof beyond a reasonable doubt.


Anonymous said…
I see the alaska pd is hiring again. The put a post in my alma mater's job add. the posting expires in Sept! Anyway, i'm still trucking on at my PD's office. BTW, your little girl LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU! Have fun clam digging.


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