So, in the grand tradition of Adams (partial) self-sufficiency we now have 40 chicks in our spare shower. The damn weather here has been too cold to keep them in the shop so they are inside. I'm sure my mother will get a kick out of that. Remember the time we had that blizzard in Victoria and I had all those chicks and ducks in the bathtub? They were in there far too long and stank like hell but it was impossible to put them outside. Kadee is obsessed with them. Who knows? By the time they are ready the economy of this country might be so far in the crapper that we are glad for them. These Cornish cross birds go from the size of an egg to a nice roasting bird of 8-10 lbs in about 8 or 10 weeks. That is, they did in California. It will be interesting to see how long they take in Alaska. Also, when they go outside everyone tells me that the bears will be on them like Oprah on a baked ham. I can't imagine raising my girls in the city. Grow chicks grow. The shotgun will be by the door and we'll just see.


Anonymous said…
Of course, you'll have to explain to kadee that those cute little chics are now dinner! I had that talk with my son (he's 6), so now he makes sure that he eats all his meat becasue he knows an animal had to die for his dinner.

I agree the food situation is strange now, with all the riots in haiti and egypt. Same goes for asia, apparently there is a rice shortage there-saw a whole segment on the PBS news last night.

j said…
I do enjoy raising animals, it is so important for children to know where there food comes from and if they can be involved thats even better.
I do miss the baby goats and bottle feeding the little pigs.
The turkeys, seeing the chicks break out of the shells in the incubator.
The smell of the horses on cool day, good times.
Kadee it seems is just as crazy about animals as I was when I was her age.
I must admit I am alittle nervous about the attraction the chickens may hold for the bears.
I will rely on our dogs and my ability to scare the bears off with a few warning shots, when B goes away.
Sorry chickens!
It is apart of having livestock is the risk something else wanting a snack, in California the coyote ended up wanting our birds more than us!!
Hope we can have horses, steers, pigs goats etc again.
As it is more than worth it, home grown meat and the amusing trouble animals can get in to add a couple of strong minded girls to the mix!!
Some really fun family times would await.
fdr said…
Hey J & B, can you grow vegetables up there?
FDR: we are in the planning stages of our garden. I got super lucky tonight and a neighbor is letting me clean out the stalls in exchange for the horse manure. This weekend we are building a grow room and we are starting seeds. We plan on having a HUGE garden this year and a bunch of my co-workers are going to split the cost and the work. Thursday night I am having a fish and chips dinner and we are going to sketch out our garden. Good times. Thank god for the horse manure though; the soil here is lousy.
Ben, it is so "nice" of your neighbor to allow you to clean out his stalls. It seems that he would be happy to just give you the manure. I'm sure he has more than he needs for his garden, and probably has to pay someone to haul his extra away.

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