So, a good Alaska day. Dug in the garden. The 4 inches of snow or so that fell yesterday is just about gone already, thank God. The vegetables I have started in a cold frame are sprouting and I am eager to be able to garden outside. Before anyone makes a stupid comment about why I wear a pistol while gardening, I'll stop wearing a gun when I stop seeing brown bears in my back yard.

There has already been one bear attack this spring (although the guy was a dumb ass). Then got to take Kadee for a Rhino ride. But most of all today, I got to enjoy of the newest Alaskans.


Anonymous said…
hey can you actually get a rhino estate as seems you will be needing one so your wife and 2 girls can go with you on your trips out.
I'm not sure what a rhino estate is. But I do intend for the 4 of us to use the Rhino. Camping, fishing, hunting and just plain mudding.
Anonymous said…
What do you plan on putting in your garden? I'm curious to know what can grow up there, given the cool weather.

Angie many things grow great up here. Potatoes, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, spinach, lettuce, radish etc should all grow great. Tomatoes, cukes and peppers go into the greenhouse.
Anonymous said…
So I assume you've filed the sights off that revolver? You might want to put some fresh lube on it so it hurts less when the bear crams it!

Congrats on the new one.
Anon: good point. But I'll take the .44 pistol with hard cast bullets over NOTHING any day. If the bear gets me anyway, well hell. It would be a good death.
Anonymous said…
44mag? And where do you buy your hard-cast?

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