So, all I can say is that I love Alaska. I really, really do. Like someone emerging from a coma, where my waking thoughts seem to be an extension of the dream. It is days like today I hope will flash before my eyes when my time comes. P.S. Happy Birthday Kadee! Tomorrow it is has been two years since the best thing that ever happened to me came along. My love for you makes everything pale in comparison, even this great big land called Alaska. I love you baby girl.


Anonymous said…
Sea of pink - you sound like a homo.

When is your next baby due? I bet she will love carnies too (just like her mama).
Anonymous said…
Annonymous hint on the day is "Can you name your former Canadian office mate?
If you saw my house, you'd understand: sea of pink is right. Nice Mariam. Nice.
Anonymous said…
Julie sold me out. When is J due?
Give me a call later and leave your number this time so I can call you back. I'm having another boy May 23rd!! B Boys Rule!
Great. Are you doing the paperwork to get their Canadian paperwork? Are you at same number?
Anonymous said…
Same number.

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