So, all I can say is my Rhino kicks ass. Good day. Getting stuck in water so deep my passenger bailed. Building a chicken house. Drinking whiskey. The sun is out and the dogs are shedding. God bless this place called Alaska! I can feel the happiness creeping back into me like the sun soaks into the soil.


Anonymous said…
How's our fucking Canadian? We miss you! You look so happy with your drunk friends in Alaska. We are working on our tans in CA. Schmitty is moving to NY city in a few weeks. Why haven't you posted your gay cowboy picture? I still have very fond memories of our "Dukes of Hazard" party and shooting guns off your deck. Have you crashed your Rhino into anyone's car like poor Joshy and Army surplus truck? Thinking of you.
Hey guys! No, the Rhino hasn't wrecked anything yet! If Josh didn't want his car smashed, he shouldn't have parked anywhere near me! To be honest, I'm missing the sun these days. I hope you guys are all well. Schmitty: NY City?? Whackjob. Y'all take care. Love from the best place on earth, Alaska.

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