So, Kotzebue. Meant to update when I was there but I forgot my camera cord. I worked my ass off during the day but really enjoyed my nights and weekends, despite the lack of any 'facilities' in Kotzebue. But just to make G in Fairbanks feel better, I had a horrible time. I absolutely did not shoot a little reindeer. I did not make a running head shot at 25 yards with my 30.30 with open sights (you would have given my high five for that dropped instantly). Of course it only about -3 when Iwas hunting so it does not count. I did not catch giant sheefish. I did not heavily arm myself and go for a ride all by myself in the arctic. Actually, that was exhilarating. Perhaps it was all in my head, but the sense of danger was awesome. I didn't know the country or the machine I was on. No one on earth knew where I was. I had no cell phone and very limited survival equipment. If anything had broken or I had gotten lost I could have just disappeared in the snow. Very cool.

Let's see. I didn't race across the sea ice on snowmachines at 60 miles an hour. I didn't see a herd of muskox or any caribou or arctic fox. I didn't enjoy myself immensely. Too bad you went to San Francisco to have a 'Lemon Drop' in some fancy bar. The next time I invite you to Kotz and you don't come, you had better be sick or dead. You know as I was riding back from Caribou hunting yesterday, all I can think about is how strange life is. If, years ago, you had told me as I sat in 117 degree heat in California that one Easter Sunday I would have been racing across the sea ice with a sled full of reindeer, I am not sure I would have believed it. In five years I wonder what I will have done? Sipped wine under a Spanish sky? Walked on Egyptian sands? What lies ahead I have no way of knowing. Things I can't even imagine. Like how a little Native village perched on the edge of the sea will always have a special place in my heart. It wasn't just the way the sun came up when walking to work in -27. It wasn't just how people starting waving to me after a few days of 'living there'. It was the people I met, some of whom will live in my hearts forever. I can only hope that one day I make it back to Kotzebue.


Anonymous said…
You are a crazy s.o.b Ben- but it looks like you are still having a good time being one :)

Hope you are enjoying life in AK still and J and baby girl and girl to be are well and healthy!
Anonymous said…
Sidenote: That was from the infamous intern, you know, the one that outdoes you at life in general :)
Damnit K: I caught a fish this time. Give me a call sometime. P.S. We have new interns and I'm concerned that they won't be .000001% of the interns you two were.
Anonymous said…
I see. The "big game hunter" eh? I think your blog left out a few things. For example "I caught Sheefish" (when the locals threw them to me out of pity). Or "I killed this 5 lb reindeer" (with the help of a local who chased it into my lap). Yeah.
Oh G. G, G, G. I understand your jealousy but to put it out there for the whole world. So very sad. How about this: I drank jugs of whiskey and then blew them to bits with my 12 gauge. How do you get around that one little man?
Anonymous said…
You can rest assured they will pale in comparison. I wish I could come back!!! I may be back in May. P.S. I lost my phone and all the numbers in it so I need you to call me :)
j said…
Kotz sounds like an great place, B wants to return this summer apparently.
It would be nice if his family could go and see it but guess thats not practical and besides he has made some intimate friends he wants to visit.
I will have my hands more than full with a new baby, I look forward to taking the girls for walks around town and to the park in the sunshine with no snow in sight!!!
My summer will be wonderful but there is one dark, miserable cloud on the horizen...

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