So, it appears that J has "gestational diabetes". We're not sure what that really means yet but it sucks ass, whatever it is. Right now all we can do is hope that mother and daughter come out of this pregnancy healthy. I'm sure it will work out: J is generally healthy. Other than that, absolutely nothing is new. I must admit that I am looking forward to break-up. I have been enjoying riding the Rhino after work and the amount of daylight in this part of Alaska is increasing by almost 40 minutes a week. But I am getting tired of the snow and ice. When I was in Vegas a tiny part of me thought about moving back to a warmer climate. But moving right now is not an option: even if I wanted to, there is no money. Besides, I am developing friendships here that matter to me. But I was tempted by the 70 degree weather, I'll admit that. I need to go do a few trials before the weather does warm up because it seemed last summer that no one wanted to do trials. Kadee got her first haircut today and looks more and more grown-up every day. I'm going to blink and she will be in college.


Kadee's new 'do looks great! She is so beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Move to a warmer climate, eh? I knew you'd be the first to crack. Hang in there til summer, buddy!

G: you are right. I have these toys that are either impossible to use or difficult. Besides, I haven't cracked yet. I just thought about cracking.
Anonymous said…
Have you been invaded by Chinese spammers?

Part of the request is for Rocket technology the rest is informing you of a sale on Molsons or BC Bud at WalMart

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