So, I have been acutely aware the last few days of how quickly life is going. Every thing around me seems to point to that fact: the melting of the snow. Seeing my friend Dan in his casket. Watching my little girl play dress up. J's rapidly growing belly. The words of caution from a friend to drive carefully who was worried as I drove through a mountain blizzard. I have always tried to live my life with the idea that when I go I hope my last thought is not one of regret. I have been prone to that emotion since I was a little boy. I always feel like I am not doing enough with life and that my time is ever closer. Strange. Dan's death has hit me hard, as it was so unexpected. It turns out that he just got too dehydrated from the flu. Damnit. One thing that has made me feel better in these last few sad days is the weather. You can see from this picture that it has been amazing. This picture was taken looking upstream at the Kasilof river where one would launch a boat to go to Tustumena lake. Despite the fact that my boat is a gas hog, I hope to spend a lot of time at this exact spot this summer. The kids aren't old enough to come yet as this lake can be dangerous. There is nothing like a child to remind one how time slips away. Although I love Kadee more than anyone in the whole world, seeing her all dressed up makes me a little sad. Once again, I find myself resolved to do even more. Live each day to the fullest.


Todd said…
Thanks for your blog, it is always very refreshing.
Thanks Todd. Appreciate it. I know that I have been dark and down lately. All I can is that summer is coming. I have many plans. China Poot Bay. Fishing, camping, hunting. My new daughter. Many good things are coming.
Anonymous said…
Bethel Court just advertised on my school's website for a court clerk (also bailiff, etc, lol) for a year. No pay was listed, but Im curious. The idea of spending a year someplace I cant even drive out of is pretty intimidating. Have you been there?

Malum, I haven't been to Bethel. But it is probably like Kotzebue, where I am returning next week. I say do it. If you're single, you'll make enough money to fly out I'm sure. Hell, what an adventure!

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